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Found a career you are interested in pursuing, picked out the perfect school, and got all your loans and grants but, none of the sites told you what to expect after you got out of school and started your new career. What is the best thing about my job? What are the things to watch out for when getting started? Where is the best place to go for my job? These are but a few of the things you should know before you start school, not after you graduate.

Hope2Be has mentors in all fields, from accounting to zoo keeper that will help with your questions. Fill out the Mentor Question under the contact us tab and a Hope2Be mentor will provide the answer to your question.

Your question will be directed to Hope2Be that will contact the mentor on your behalf. Then Hope2Be will provide the answer to you. Your contact information will be private and not shared with any party, not even the mentor.

Mentors are also available to help answer questions that PARENTS might have. Anything from "How can I help my child apply for college?" to "Is it a good idea for my child to attend school out of town?" If we can help, please use the CONTACT US form.

  Please feel free to contact hope2be with any questions/concerns about the website.
If you encounter any problems, contact hope2be for help by e-mailing the webmaster.